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Varied experience fort practical innovations

Our team uses its interdisciplinary experience for scientific based creative solutions with technical know-how. In addition to many students, who use this work for writing their bachelor or master thesis, our team consists of experienced specialists from various fields (Engineers, economists, humanists, designers and psychologists).

The group was founded by Dr. Sigmund Schimanski (human factors & ergonomics scientist and engineering manager) in 2013. The group works in the fields of innovation research, human-machine systems, algorithmic, and sensor technology.


Scientific Management

Dr. Sigmund Schimanski

Scientific Staff

M.Sc. Maximilian Barta

M.Sc. Thomas Lepich 


Non-Scientific Staff

Adalbert Nawrot


Research Assistants

M.A. Judith Hill (Public Relations)

Katharina Bosbach (Psychology)

Tim-Fabian Schroeder (Electrical Engineering)

Marius Boldt (Industrial Engineering)

Jan Oliver Schönfeld (Computer Science)

Severin Hackspiel (Industrial Design)

Philipp Czampiel (Industrial Design)

Tobias Wiegand (Computer Science)

Gaofeng Zhang (Electrical Engineering)


Studentische Hilfskräfte

Michael Bastek (Computer Science)

Julian Buchhorn (Computer Science)

Dennis Rangott (Computer Science)

Roman Stoetzel (Computer Science)

Marc-Philipp Faelker (Electrical Engineering)

Sergej Hubelt (Electrical Engineering)

Cihan Yildirim (Economics)